Didactics & explanatory film, an overview


In our globally networked world, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to present themselves well to the outside world in order to stand out from the crowd. In order to remain competitive in the market, individuality and extensive representation are required. Or, to put it briefly: the image of your company is more important than ever. The image describes the perception of your company by customers and partners - so it is an important factor that not only influences purchase decisions, but ultimately also contributes to the overall success of your company. The image, however, is not an objective perception, but can be specifically influenced outwardly through presentation. A variety of marketing tools have already been developed for precisely this purpose, such as image films, social engagement or blogging. The image film in particular is a very effective and less time-consuming means of setting yourself in the limelight. Often, an optimal external representation also includes making complicated processes and complex facts understandable for customers. To do this, it makes sense to combine an image film with an explanatory video. But even on its own, this format is an ideal means of presenting yourself to your customers in an authentic and appealing way. So we will explain it in more detail below.


As the name suggests, explanatory films are short videos that aim to present abstract content as simply as possible. The aim is to convey complex relationships and processes to the audience in such a way that they can be understood in just a few minutes. Of course, the topic is not fully illuminated, but rather presented as efficiently as possible based on the most important points. The use of explanatory videos is particularly suitable for companies to present products or services that may not be immediately available to everyone. In order for customers to be enthusiastic about your offer, they first have to understand it, which is why an explanation is sometimes required. This is particularly efficient in video form: unlike purely auditory or purely visual content, understanding is promoted by the audiovisual character of an explanatory video. Several senses are addressed here and the learning process is optimally supported.

A combination of simple symbols and precise language makes it possible to make abstract content tangible. Explanatory videos are therefore usually animated, as the visual content can be presented in a particularly simple way in this way. Another important design element is storytelling. By integrating the information to be conveyed into a story, the viewer is addressed emotionally and receives a real reference to the content of the video. At the same time, this also promotes the processing and later retrieval of the information. With an explanatory film, you can not only present yourself externally, but also bring complex content closer to your target group and thus subtly advertise your offer at the same time.


The production possibilities of an explanatory film are diverse, making a general statement about the cost expenditure is therefore difficult. Investing in a professional explanatory film that is individually tailored to your company is worthwhile. Depending on the competence of the video designer, the quality of the result also fluctuates and, especially when it comes to your external representation, it is important that your individual requirements are met.