What we are doing?

We are a media guide and a production agency for companies that stay on course in the fast-growing digital world. With tools such as storytelling, communication design, videos and web developments, we influence intuitive decision-making processes and emotions.


We scale our work to a broad, or a pointed, audience. Our copywriters work hand in hand with our campaign concepts and develop texts for all common platforms.


We are design-driven people. We are moved by a clear line, a precise concept, a well thought-out picture. Our work is pixel-perfect. We work progressively as a team, in all areas of the digital and analog world.


Experiences through product design and light installations. We emancipate ourselves from traditions and combine our development and design expertise in the haptic zone of experience design.


Softwaredevelopment and Webdesign. Individual solutions for companies that need more than just a digital business card. Our devs develop individual systems for the highest demands and requirements.

How do we do it?

We understand that it is not enough to be extraordinarily creative in all areas of design, video and the web.
In order to communicate ideas and concepts effectively nowadays, a strategic foresight is required, which allows the current zeitgeist and the type of current thinking to flow into the productions.

Our core team


We are a group

The Albatros Group consists of the creative and performance agency Albatros, the video specialists Click & Clever, the UX and product designers from White Lime and Connect as a partner in the field of advertising material and brand building

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