Albatros agency

Solution-oriented creative agency

ALBATROS agency is the creative agency within the ALBATROS Group. It is a solution-oriented agency with an integrated production team, from the fields of animation, illustration and film production as well as development

Our creations follow a clear line: success, attention, feeling.

We create our content in-house. Campaigns from planning to implementation from a single source.

We're looking for the missing piece of the puzzle in the big picture of great ideas.



Storytelling Agency

Click&Clever is an explainer video agency that specializes in the creation and conception of animated videos. A large area of her expertise is illustration and motion design.

Our illustrators work entirely digitally and in vector formats upon request.

We employ real artists. From oil paintings to still lifes, everything is possible. This special craft is what makes our videos so unique.

We take an informational approach to providing information.


White Lime

Studio for product & industrial design

White Lime is a collaborative product design studio. We investigate, question, develop and design products and accompany them through manufacturing processes until they reach the market and inspire people. We do not do this for our customers, but with them – as a cooperation partner at eye level. In a dynamic and collaborative design process, sustainable values are created that set standards.

The design of capital and consumer goods, aligned with business strategies, with a clear focus: the user.

Creating positive user experiences that stay in the memory - through human-centered design.

Expressing your brand and increasing recognition - design as a holistic strategy, for product, packaging, communication and marketing.



Agency for advertising and branding

Connect is a promotional products company that manufactures and prints branded merchandise for businesses.

Individual products for special companies. The standard promotional gift is out.

Connect Promotion also prints and distributes new gadgets such as 3D glasses and induction charging stations.

Products should suit the occasion. That is why Connect Promotion uses individual products for various holidays and festivities.