BB Estates

Our performance for BB Estates


Our PerformDevelopment of a unique website that expresses the individual character of BB Estates.ance for BB Estates.

Web development

Creation of a mobile-friendly website with parallax, scroll effects and intuitive user guidance

Film production

Filming of all branches and production of social media optimized object video.



Complete web development

During development, we interlocked our areas of conception and web development in order to create as precise a common vision of the end product as possible as early as the prototyping phase. In addition to an extremely stylish design, the website had to offer fast loading times and optimal user handling. To do this, we developed our own code based on benchmarks like


Free flight locations

Berlin, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Las Palmas. All shoots at the various BB Estates locations followed a previously developed concept. The goal was to simulate a drone flight through the rooms using special camera technology. The viewer should get a perfect impression of the locations and feel the value of the branches.


CI-Conzept Visual world

Polygon style staff, bolde headlines, graffiti style and large scale designs. When creating the imagery, our designers focused on creating the most timeless, unique presentation possible. This was strongly oriented towards the CI of BB Estates, as well as the lifestyle in the real estate agency.