Our creative service for Frankfurt/Main


Concept and development of trailer and hashtag #CityOfMore for the preservation of the creative industries of the city of Frankfurt am Main.

Motiongraphic Video

Style finding and production of the motiongraphic video for the Standt Frankfurt am Main


The Frankfurt Trailer #TheBembel

To be able to transport the hashtag we developed across all platforms, we developed an atmospheric video that also served a higher goal: To position Frankfurt as a worthy creative location for communication and advertising agencies. Set the stage for …

Visual Storytelling
of the special kind

The Frankfurt trailer not only had to please Germany’s most creative minds from renowned agencies such as JvM, Heimat and Hirschen Group, but also pass critical scrutiny from decision-makers and top politicians. Both succeeded with flying colors. We meshed our expertise in sound design, visual storytelling, professional voiceovers and strategic conceptualization to create a gripping animated film. The special thing about the conception was that the film fulfilled its function in several parts as well as in one piece: It transported the attitude towards life of our wonderful city and made people want to become creatively active here.

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Linguistic artist

For Frankfurt in the recording studio

For the concept around the motiongraphic video we work together with Envy McKee, a US radio host and author. She was able to implement the language concept we had come up with for the video.

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Reduced emphasis directs the focus to the visual world and suggests a kind of understatement and self-evidence of what is said.


The right pace of the voice is important. We first match speech to a rough animatic, and then precisely synchronize the visual world to the voice.

and the future of the idea

Creative minds belong to Frankfurt like the Bembel and the Main. Because this city offers so much wonderful, idiosyncratic, versatile that it has always produced wonderful artists. From Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to Hans Zimmer, from international street artists like Herakut to Max Beckmann. This wealth of culture must be supported and made visible. With this trailer for the city of Frankfurt am main, we primarily show the diversity of today. In Frankfurt am Main, there is room for bands, fine arts, creative agencies and designers, for design colleges and art study places, for museums and houses of culture. Frankfurt is the City of more.