Everything for the Effie Awards 2020

Trophy & More

Concept and animation of the Effie Awards 2020 and all Transitions, Stingers incl. Audio production

Motiongraphic Video

Conception and animation of the Frankfurt trailer in the course of the Effies 2020 award ceremony.

Livestream Content

Conception and production of all animated content for the digital Effie livestream

Augmented reality content

Filming for an augmented reality feature about the Effie 2020 in the Frankfurter allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.

Animation & Concept

The intro

Since the Effie Awards in 2020 will be digital due to the Corona pandemic, we designed and implemented a concept of appropriate representation. The 2020 Effie Awards were streamed live daily via YouTube for one week. The moderation is accompanied by our animations. Here you can see the intro of the event. We rely on high-quality materials: marble, glass, gold. The following material was created from the CI of the client (Gesamtverband Kommunikationsagenturen GWA e.V.).

Animation, Concept & Voice

The countdown

To get viewers in the mood for the awards before the stream begins, a countdown starts 5 minutes into the daily awards. We show the sponsors, have the time announced at every full minute and animate the Effie Award in 3D in the background. The dramaturgy of the sound design steers towards the end of the countdown and creates a tension that is appropriate for an awards ceremony.

Voice over artist

For the Effies in the recording studio

Longtime creative partner and our vote for this year’s Effie Award.

Fancy a preview?

Acknowledgement & Audioassets

Contents: naming the city of Frankfurt, thanking agencies for their cooperation in the Corona pandemic, and other audio assets from this production.

Transitions, transparent animations

Stingers & Transitions

During the live broadcast, scenes are cut in and out of each other. The so-called stingers allow a professional and smooth transition between the scenes. We also accompany the announcements of the respective Gold Award winners with intro transitions. The large letters in gold, on a black universe look noble and appropriate to the winners’ achievements. We work with transparent .mov files that are converted to webm for latency-free use in the streaming software OBS. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The conceptStorytelling and KPIs

An award presented to such high-caliber recipients for their outstanding achievements must be treated with special standards. The creative and craft work must not be less than the maximum possible in 2020, because Germany’s leading creative agencies see our animations for a whole week, every day. Working with a mix of gold, marble, glass and aggressive sound design, we exceeded the client’s vision. Also, the preparation of an AR video is part of the service that takes place in cooperation with the company Snoopstar. A complete package of intro, transitions, stingers, outro, AR content, countdown and trailer video (see Case: #CityOfMore) paint a consistent, high-quality picture in which the gold CI of the Effie is always recognizable.



The daily broadcasts will end with the outro seen here. It takes up the display concept of the intro and continues it.